How it all started…

I was born in Muskoka, Ontario in 1987. I have been designing websites since I was 12, and have been playing music even earlier.

Growing up, both of my parents owned their own retail businesses in Muskoka, and I was often in the back area of one of their stores working on the computer. I taught myself to navigate through MS-DOS, which was the Microsoft operating system that was used before Windows became mainstream. (As of 3 years ago, I have primarily been a Mac user).

Through public school, I immersed myself in music and computers. I began to learn web design in FrontPage Express, and in Grade 8, I used it to design the school yearbook on CD-ROM. This was my first big project, and it required a lot of organization and persistence.

In high school, I became an expert in Adobe Photoshop, which is the program I now use to create the website designs. I also switched from using FrontPage, to Macromedia Dreamweaver (which has recently been purchased by Adobe). These are industry-standard tools that are used by web design professionals all over the world.

Throughout high school, my lunch hours were spent either designing web sites in the computer lab, or practicing in the music room. I was the drummer and one of the vocalists for the award-winning BMLSS Dixieland Jazz Ensemble. In 2004, I won the Muskoka BizPlan challenge, after devoting several months of hard work to creating a business plan for my already-existing web design business.

Into the real world, (Sort of)

When I graduated high school in 2006, I was hired by Royal LePage, Lakes of Muskoka, as the full-time, in-house graphics designer. For two years, I worked with agents from 8 different offices all over Muskoka. Since then, I have been completely freelance, designing sites for businesses and entrepreneurs in Muskoka and Toronto.

After two years of working full-time at Royal LePage, I had earned enough to go to Humber College in Toronto. I studied jazz and contemporary music in the music degree program for two years.

Ahora (Now)

Since 2009, I have been drumming in a jazz trio all over the world on different cruise ships. And if I’m not in the middle of the sea, then I’m living in different spots throughout the world (Toronto, Florida, Costa Rica, etc).

During the day, I am always busy working on my clients’ websites. Although this is an unusual situation, it works out quite well. I have been very fortunate to be able to pursue music and web design at the same time; the careers complement each other very well.

Logo for Muskoka Web Designer Joel RendallI created this website ( to replace Virtual Invasion is the former business name I used since I started designing websites professionally over 10 years ago. I decided to switch to this website address because I wanted to give my visitors a more personal touch that is sometimes harder to get when running under a different business name.

Wordpress Sites - Muskoka

How I live

I’m very excited by technological innovation as well as pushing the boundaries of everything I do in order to be the best I can. I’m always setting new goals, professionally and personally, whether that’s adding to my web design skills, learning a new instrument, instilling a new healthy habit, or otherwise increasing my personal effectiveness.

I try to fully integrate my skills with my interests, and my dreams with my everyday actions. And the people I work with get to reap all the benefits 🙂