Jul 27


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A few years after graduating high school, I was approached by my former music teacher, Jackie Mitchell, to develop a site for her music program. She needed to be able to edit the site herself, and I immediately knew that setting up the site to use WordPress would be an ideal platform.

The design definitely had to have a music theme, since I knew the target audience would be creative types.
One of the most interesting ways Jackie uses the site is for communicating with her students’ parents while they away on music-related trips. She also uses the site to post materials for assignments, and showcase her students’ talent.

I had a lot of fun creating this design, and am proud to be featuring it in my portfolio. Click here to visit.

“Having worked with Joel in our band, I knew he was very adept and creative on the computer and a pleasure to work with. His calm disposition and good work ethic makes the sharing of ideas invigorating. Although I had some clear thoughts on what I wanted for the web site, I knew Joel would create all the difficult added touches and design elements that make a site appealing and effortless to use.

Training parents and students to access the site for information took some repetition.  The students and parents now know to look at our ‘blog’ for information regarding changes to our weekly rehearsal or annual trip (due to blizzards, conflicts), in addition to fundraising events and performance details. It has been an added communication asset between the school’s instrumental music program and families. Using it as a daily journal when we traveled to Europe with the band, for a 10-day performance tour, was wonderful for the parents and friends back home–especially when I delegated the task to a couple of students. I also appreciate receiving the monthly analytics to see how often the site is accessed.”
Jackie Mitchell, Music Director
(Bracebridge & Muskoka Lakelands Secondary School, [BMLSS])

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