Claude Eric – Musician

Claude Eric – Musician

Feb 24

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Claude-Eric Brunelle is a talented vocalist, originally from Quebec, Canada. For his website, I wanted to take more of a single page approach. This is becoming more common to see, especially on artists’ websites. He also has fans who speak French and Spanish, so I used some navigation in the top right so the visitors could choose their preferred language, and still see the same content. On the page is also a way for fans to post comments, without having to navigate to a different area.

As for the design of the site, I used a darker, classy approach, which fit well with the images of himself that he had supplied me to work with. I am very happy with the result and I encourage you to take a look!

Here’s what Claude-Eric had to say about the experience:

“Working with Joel was a charm, every step of the way, I got a visual presentation and explanation of what the product would become. And then it was delivered! I quite appreciated the whole process.”

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