Female Musician Online

Female Musician Online

Jul 27

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This beautiful design is a result of Vivian Clement‘s artistic input, as well as my own creative design skills. Because Vivian is such an artistic mind, the layout of this site was quite challenging to implement. Designing the layout in Photoshop is one thing, but the real challenge was turning into a fully-functioning website.

For this project, I have been working alongside Vivian to record and produce about 20 (and counting) video podcast episodes. The podcast is now featured in the iTunes music store, and our listenership is increasing every day.

Like all my websites designed in the last few years, this site runs on WordPress, so that Vivian can easily add blog posts, and edit the content of the site without my help.

This project is close to my heart because I am also a musician. Granted, I’m not a female musician, but it is rewarding to help female musicians overcome some of the obstacles that they have to face in getting their music career off the ground. There are many resources geared towards musicians, but not so many specifically for women.

In this site, I also implemented a very complex, automated e-mail campaign. Visitors can subscribe to the site via e-mail (or RSS), they can sign up for an e-mail mini-course, and if they purchase the products, then they receive another set of automated e-mails.

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