One Fifty Five

One Fifty Five

Mar 01

Click here to visit One Fifty Five Restaurant (155)

OneFiftyFive is a Fine Dining Restaurant in Bracebridge, Ontario. It was sometimes challenging to figure out how to combine my own design opinions along with specific design preferences coming from a couple different people involved in the project. But it is very important to me that my client gets exactly what they’re looking for, even if it means multiple design revisions. I am very thrilled with the final results we achieved together.

There is a cool story behind this project: Initially, we completed the whole project without meeting face to face. Right before the site was posted, Jan and Peter Rickard, the restaurant owners, mentioned  they would be taking a cruise to Antartica, leaving from Buenos Aires. It so happened that I was living there just 15 minutes from the port, so at the end of their cruise, we finally met in person. It’s amazing that even though we’re from the same small town in Muskoka, Ontario, the first time we met was at the other side of the world!

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