Improve Your Workspace

Improve Your Workspace

May 09

Something I’ve found is that an improved workspace helps me feel and be more productive. Here are a few tips:

1. Choose a good location. If you’re like myself and work from home, it’s great to work from a place that has a these things going for it: A nice (but not too nice) view, open-able windows, and direct sunlight. If you’re working early in the morning, find a spot in your house that faces east so I get the early morning warmth and light.

2. Eliminate everything you don’t use everyday. For example, I don’t usually have to print anything off—so I don’t have a printer on my desk. If I need a paper copy of something, I bring out the printer, plug it in, and put it away again when I’m finished. It’s an extra couple of steps, but I make up for the time in saving space—and in saving space, I feel sharper mentally.

3. Get comfortable. The right chair and desk go a long way in improving posture. Sometimes that means getting a comfy swivel chairs, or maybe even an exercise ball, to keep you alert. With my laptop, I often even work outdoors.

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