John and Thelma Jarvis

John and Thelma Jarvis

Jul 27

Click here to visit John and Thelma Jarvis’s Website

John and Thelma Jarvis are very successful Realtors for Royal LePage Lakes of Muskoka, specializing in Waterfront properties. Thelma loves to write, and has posted a lot of content to the website related to Design, Real Estate… she even posts real estate statistics to her blog!

This is the second website I have created for them. This new site needed to incorporate a blog, and Thelma learned how easy it was to post to it herself.

I thought it was appropriate to try out a new technique on this design – You’ll notice that when you click on “Blog” in the sidebar, then all of the blog categories show underneath it. Most sites using WordPress have the blog categories showing all the time. But I didn’t want to have the added distraction and confusion. Some people (especially in the Jarvis’s demographic) might even know what a blog was. The blog categories could get confused with the main menu items. So the solution was to make the blog categories collapsible and it works well to keep everything nice and clean.

I have also designed many of the newsletters and special reports featured on the site, which you will find in their respective pages of the site.

Here’s what Thelma had to say about the experience of working with me:

“Joel is a creative individual who has good knowledge of web design and many other marketing practises appropriate to real estate, and which could be easily extrapolated to other businesses He did an excellent job on our web site and he also created a whole range of other marketing pieces that match the design and integrity of our site. He has contributed well to the success of our business” – May 22, 2011

It has been a pleasure working with the Jarvis’s over the years, and this design will be proudly displayed in my portfolio for years to come. Click here to visit John and Thelma Jarvis’s Website

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