Learning Portuguese Online

Learning Portuguese Online

Feb 06


The last few months I have been hard at work on various exciting Internet projects. One of the most recent is Practice Portuguese.

When I began learning European Portuguese  (a.k.a. Continental Portuguese) about 10 months ago, the first thing I noticed was that there was a great lacking of materials specific to the Portuguese spoken in Portugal.

Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese are very different dialects, with regards to pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. In Portugal, the language is much more closed and usually more difficult to understand than Brazilian, (even Brazilians need subtitles when watching Portuguese TV!).

There are also many more vowel sounds, and when confused, can often change the  meaning of a word or phrase.

Despite the major differences in dialect, there are few study materials available  (especially internationally) for Portuguese, which makes it difficult to find non-Brazilian study materials. Rosetta Stone, which is probably the most recognized language learning method on the market, only offer Brazilian.

To try and help fill this void, myself and Rui Coimbra have started a project called Practice Portuguese. It’s geared towards learners who have already surpassed the basics, and are looking for materials they can use to improve their aural comprehension.

We have many ideas for the project in the future. The first iteration is a Practice Portuguese podcast which is available in many podcasts, including the iTunes Store.

This downloadable audio show features Rui reading original, general interest articles at various speeds, followed by an explanation of vocabulary and expressions. We also offer a transcription that people can use to follow along and improve their learning experience.

I am very excited to be launching this project and hope that it helps many other Portuguese learners around the world.

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