Muskoka Jam

Muskoka Jam

Jul 27

Muskoka Music Jam Website

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Nope, this isn’t the kind of jam that goes well with peanut butter… this is the kind of jam that will rock your socks off. Every year, Ike Kelneck hosts a music jam, where his musical friends and family come from all over Ontario (and beyond) to participate. Ike needed a website with some character, and I was happy to deliver.

I had the idea of using a music amplifier as the header. Then I scattered a few other musical objects around the outside, as well as some faded images from the past.

I used the one-page-website technique for this one, since many times it is more effective that splitting everything up into small sub pages.

To show external links without leaving the page, I made the Muskoka Jam website’s links and images open up using a special pop-up technique called Shadowbox. This is a great way to show information from other sites, without requiring the visitors to leave your site.

This design was able to capture the charming atmosphere that takes place at every Muskoka Jam, and I was glad to be part of it. Click here to visit.

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