Content You Can Edit

One of the most unique and practical features I offer is the ability for you to create and edit any and all of the content on your website, without racking up maintenance fees every time you want to change something. Some web designers are reluctant to make this feature a part of their service. My own feeling is that it can benefit everyone: You don’t spend unnecessary money, and I make up the difference by expanding my client list.

Find Out Who Is Looking At Your Site!

I’ll set it up so you receive weekly usage statics. That means you can see who’s landing on your site, how they’re getting there, and where they’re from. (If you don’t want a weekly email, I’ll show you how to watch your statistics online—whenever you want.)

Optimized Site Speed

Every second counts when you land on a website. If you don’t grab someone’s attention with a combination of great content and a simple, elegant design—all in the first few seconds—it can be a big turnoff. I work to make sure your site is running as fast as possible, so your prospective customer or curious Internet wanderer won’t be tempted to close the window.

100% Customized Design

All my templates are completely original, so your web site will be one-of-a-kind.

Friendly, One-on-One Service!

I’m happy to meet with you in person, talk by phone, email, or any social network site. I’ve worked closely with Muskoka business owners and realtors for years. Most of the work I get is through referral. I listen carefully to help figure out what’s best for each client, new or old, experienced or novice or somewhere in between. Once we’ve got something underway, I’ll work thoroughly but efficiently to see it all the way through.

Optional Premium Photography and Copywriting

I work with local photographer and journalist, who can help us enhance your site’s content. If you want premium content for your site—and I recommend it—he’ll meet with you in person to do a photo shoot and write all the text you’ve come to expect on a website (About, FAQ, Products/Services, etc.)

First Year Free Domain Hosting (plus Registration)

When you hire me to design your website, I include the first year of domain registration and hosting, free.

Why Are You The Best Value?

I’m glad you asked. I know that every web designer is going to make this claim, so let me try to convince you why I believe I am the best deal around.

First of all, I am completely portable. This means that I often work from home, rather than unnecessarily renting an office.  I keep my business expenses low, so that I can pass the savings onto my clients.

Second, I keep up with the latest trends in technology and web design. I listen to several podcasts, read articles, and keep myself as updated as possible with the latest trends in online marketing. It seems that some local web designers keep on running their business with the same skillset they had in the 90’s, and it shows in their results. When I have a client ask to see samples of my work, I show them my latest work, because I am always improving my craft. This means that your new website will be my best work!