On Tap

On Tap

Mar 01

Click here to visit On Tap’s Website

On Tap is an amazingly talented a capella group from the United States. When they approached me to design their website, they had some specific ideas in mind, such as the “Guest Check” concept in the main menu. I also challenged myself to create their “Listen” page with playable mp3 samples, without the use of Flash. (Adobe Flash is unsupported on many mobile devices, especially the iPhone/iPod/iPad devices. It is important to me to avoid using Flash so that the website can function consistently across all of the newest devices).

As a fellow musician, I it was a pleasure to create a website for them that will help them market their group and increase CD sales. (We also used PayPal to faciliate CD purchases directly on the site).

You should definitely go to the site, and while admiring my handywork, listen to their audio samples on the “Listen” page. Everyone who watches On Tap perform walks away with a beaming smile. Their individuality and, at the same time, unity, is part of the reason they instantly create fans, and I know they will continue to be successful.

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