Aerial Circus Performer Jocka Carvalho

Aerial Circus Performer Jocka Carvalho

Feb 25

Lately I’ve found myself doing more and more video editing.

Jocka Carvalho is an incredibly talented and accomplished circus performer from Lisbon, Portugal. He specializes in hand balancing, aerial straps, and aerial silks. He had me work on a couple videos for two different projects he has been working on.

The first video features Jocka with his American partner, Maria Artim. Together, they perform many different styles of acts. The following is their introduction video I edited that is shown at the beginning of their 30 min performance. Some sections of it are more minimal, since some lighting and other visuals are happening simultaneously on stage.

The second video is for a duo project Jocka was working on with João Godinho from Portugal. All of the footage was shot in the same room with the same angle and lighting. I used different lighting and movement effects within Final Cut Pro X to add variety and excitement to what would otherwise be static footage.

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