Vivian Clement

Vivian Clement

Feb 27

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As well as a freelance web designer, I am also a professional musician. I had been drumming in Vivian’s jazz trio for just over a year when she finally decided it was time to upgrade her website. It was an ideal situation, since I understand the music business, and what kind of tone (pardon the pun), she wanted to project on her website.

Vivian wanted to have some say in what went into the visual elements of her site, so we sat down together and created this unique design.

Here’s what Vivian had to say about the process:

“Being an artist, I had a specific idea in mind of what I wanted my website to look like. Joel was very accommodating, and he allowed me to take a very active role in helping to choose the design elements.

Joel installed WordPress, so I can update my blog and other pages myself. Even though I’m not a very technical person, I was able to figure out the system pretty quickly. Joel is very dedicated to what he does and is personally invested in the end result.

I will definitely be recommending his web design services to other musicians and entrepreneurs.”

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